New CVSD Superintendent

Northwest Leadership Associates facilitated two public meetings to solicit input from parents on what we want in a new superintendent due to Ben Small’s recent resignation. According to the facilitators about 40 people showed up. 40 parents for a district of 14,000 students. Pitiful.
Did you know about the meetings? Seems like it was designed to minimize participation. I attended one and it appeared to mostly be teachers or former teachers there.
This district has a $250 million dollar a year annual budget. Do you care how your money is spent? Are our kids really getting a quality education for the money we are spending? Parents are continuing to pull their kids because of the mandates and declining test scores.
Many of you saw your property taxes rise this last year. Watch for it to rise again.
Will we get to see the feed back that NLA gathered? Not likely.
We need proper leadership on the board and with a quality superintendent.