• Academics and Student Performance:  Students at CVSD are below state standards in English, math, and science. The current School Board has become too involved in ideology and state politics. The top priority should be academics and student performance. There needs to be a prioritized emphasis on grade standards, homework, at-home reading, and a district-wide policy on no cell phone use in the classroom.
  • Grades, Homework, Class Discipline. The School Board needs to adopt district-wide standards on grades, homework assignments, and class discipline. Currently, teachers are given too much leeway on grading, assigning homework, and discipline in the classroom. Most teachers care for their students and do the best they can to raise the academic standards and hold students accountable, but the School Board is simply not adopting district-wide policies to improve the learning environment and to improve student performance as well as statewide standards in English, math, and science.
  • CSE: Comprehensive Sex Education should be developed in close consultation with families and should not be used to promote ideology. Students are in school to learn. They are not in school to be indoctrinated. The School Board needs to get ideology out of the classroom and emphasize academics, learning, grading, homework, and the fundamentals.
  • CRT: To protect our children from the corrosive teachings of CRT – Critical Race Theory. This has its source in a Marxist ideology that aims to divide according to race and the haves and the have-nots. It also disparages America’s history and traditions by ignoring the beauty of our founding and the rights granted us in the Bill of Rights and other amendments. Yes, let’s teach history, but let’s teach our children to love America.
  • SEL: Social-Emotional Learning, if used properly, is an effective teaching method. When kids are equipped with social-emotional skills, they are better able to learn and contribute to a positive school environment. But if applied incorrectly, it can be used to manipulate children into accepting values and ideologies that may conflict with their parent’s beliefs and values.
  • Gender Identity: There should be no bullying in school or discrimination, but neither should schools be a playground for ideology. It is time to get back to basics. Let’s help our children learn, study, grow academically, and get ideology out of the classroom.
  • Budgetary Transparency: To audit and review the CVSD budget and expenditures to better understand how the school district spends its money and to recommend any changes or improvements to the Board as to future expenditures and planning.

Now is the time to invest in our kids and improve their educational environment.

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