• The current school board is too easily influenced by state politics and special interest groups that are more interested in ideology than academics and student performance.
  • The school board is doing very little to improve academics.
  • They have no enforced uniform policy on cell phones, which creates confusion among students and inconsistent rules in classrooms and schools.
  • They allow easy grading and grade inflation.
  • They have watered-down homework and at-home reading.
  • They are more concerned about Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE), Critical Race Theory (CRT), Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and Gender Ideology than academics.
  • They allow unlimited excused absences, with no semester or annual limit, which means students can graduate even if they miss more classes than they attend.


  • Parent participation in school board meetings
  • Parent participation in school board policy
  • Building a community of trust and cooperation among parents and the school board
  • Improve the teaching and work environment for children and teachers with a high priority on academics and student performance
  • Ban cell phone use in the classroom, except for medical emergencies
  • Limit excused absences to no more than 10 per semester. Absences over 10 per semester become unexcused and affect grades and graduation
  • Oppose ideology and state politics that sets aside and minimizes academics and student performance.
  • Attend school board meetings and engage with the school board on critical issues
  • Elect new school board members to replace current members opposed to our values

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